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The small room

Going into the heated swimming pool all year round, riding a go-kart or electric scooter in complete safety are the domain's major assets.

The lawn in front of the suites hosts football and shutter matches.

The nearby forest and the banks of the Semois invite hikers and walkers to follow the many marked trails for experienced or beginners.


Separate spaces are set up in the relaxation area and invite, for example, to watch by the fire under the starry sky.

The big room

A swimming pool dating from the 70s, completely renovated by us, large bay windows to enjoy the view of the Ardennes, and beautiful colored lights for splashing in the water.

The swimming pool, 17 m long and 5 m wide, heated all year round, is bordered by a fresco left to us by an illustrious artist, testimony to the rich and historic past of the Ardoisière estate.

The Grand Salon

In this green setting where conifers, deciduous trees, bushes and wild berries alternate freely, roosters and chickens born here for the most part but also four cats, two bitches, two donkeys, Paloma and Fleur and two donkeys, Anatole and Archibald. Birds, squirrels, rodents and small birds of prey have also taken up residence at the Compagnie des Bois.

This little world receives food appropriate to their full development.

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