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The domain

The history of the Estate

Exhibition by Didier Moens and Charles Hieronimus


A little history …


In the Middle Ages, the place called “Laplet, was a peeled hill away from the village. The inhabitants feared this place called the “Mont d'Alle”, because it was said to be the place of the witches' sabbath.


The Ardoisière "Laplet" is a former slate extraction factory which has not been in operation since the beginning of the 20th century.

The initial building probably dates from the 17th century, when the exploitation of the “LaPlet” slate quarry in Alle-sur-Semois is attested.


The ensemble consisted of the main building, administrative buildings, today “Escaille”, probably of more recent construction, of a smaller holding communicating with Laplet, located a few meters away.

The advertising panel for the Laplet slate quarry in full operation in the 19th century.


To the left of the building, the arcades where the rails of the wagons brought up from the basement by the steam engine ended, which was anchored on a plinth of schist blocks in the heart of the building.

At the bottom of the ground, forming an "L", the splitting workshops.

On the right, the covered ramp goes down to the water pumps

The swimming pool

A swimming pool dating from the 70s, completely renovated by us, large bay windows to enjoy the view of the Ardennes, and beautiful colored lights to splash around in the water.

The 17 m long by 5 wide swimming pool is bordered by a fresco left to us by an illustrious artist, testimony to the rich past and full of history of the Ardoisière estate.

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