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On the other side of the mirror

Once upon a time... Wonderland.

There, we wonder what we are going to explain to you, it's obvious, right? It's white like Mary Poppins' dress and colorful like a Kensington salon. It's England, but not quite, maybe just a place you only encounter in dreams.

A Suite to escape and escape time, but with electricity and a bubble bath!

If, at the bend of a door, you come across a fairy or a white rabbit, don't be upset: a simple “How do you do” will do the trick.

We provide tea and croquet balls. Indeed.

Maximum capacity: 7 people

Ground floor: Equipped kitchen, open to large living room with fire - toilet

1st floor: 1 double bedroom with view - 1 bedroom with three single beds (or a double bed and a single bed) - bathroom and toilet

2nd floor: 1 double bedroom with walk-in shower

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